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How to bypass php upload using php and perl

If you are familiar with shared web hosting and using php – then this post for you. So many times you might face file upload fails error due to php file upload restrictions on shared servers.

How to bypass php file upload limit then ? using our old camel – Perl 🙂 i am going to proivde link for such wonderful free
script where you can upload files with out limitations
is called  Uber-uploader http://uber-uploader.sourceforge.net/ its perl based script that too very simple to setup.Even it will provide cute progress bar so that your user can see real time how much time it will take to upload, how much upload completed at what speed!!!  You can leave comment here igf you need any setup help for free!!!

This script is running by various proivders in production env so you can also use it without fear 🙂


Uber-uploader Failed To Find Flength File

on my server i am using Uber-uploader – file uploader with progress bar. After configuring at first run files are uploading but no progress bar. showing error :

Failed To Find Flength File

so upon search i got a solution just add following entries in .htaccess file in cgi-bin folder where uber-uploaer .pl files located.

<IfModule mod_security.c>
# Turn off mod_security filtering.
SecFilterEngine Off

# The below probably isn’t needed,
# but better safe than sorry.
SecFilterScanPOST Off

bingo – now its working fine.

source :