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Precompiled or prebuild rdp client for solaris

i want to access windows xp terminal services from solaris that too without root access on solaris. i found 2 solutions
which are java based rdp clients.


second one is not freeware but 30day trial. 1 st one freeware.

Both of them can be used on Solaris to access remote desktops with out root access.


next silly project accessing windows xp desktop from solaris

Object is to access windows xp from solaris and install virtual pcs.

First step – How to enable terminal services in windows xp pro ? as we know terminal services are only enables in windows server products. so as usual i did google and found hacks, out of them replacing DLL file and ‘terminalpatch’ from one russian site.But i din;t install them with fear of trojen or virus. So what i did …. see for my next post where you will get amazing free solution to access winodws xp terminal service.

Step two- we have n number of rdp clients for windows and linux but what about our solaris that to for user having no root access ? See my next for solution that also freeware 🙂