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vmware 2.0 beta 1 is useless and very slow

vmware server 2.0 beta 1  – free version is nightmare and i used it with in 30 mins i rolled back to old stable version.
vmware 2.0 beta dead slow – confusing menus -woret performer even on my 1 gb ram system with only 128 mb linux pc – i faced so many troubles. so avoid vmware 2.0 beta now.


Virulization era started..every where virtualization

virtualization … on software level npow oracle started its play in virtualization game. oracle released freeware – virtual ware so that you can run oracle producats as well asany other applications in vms. Oracle claiming that  its vmware software is 3x faster than current players. What VMware – senior player in vm market going to release  to win the field ?  Microsoft also released vm in windows 2008 server … so ….. vmware has tough time as many big big players comming to market.

Anyway its very good move as now we can reduce risk data center space issues by virtulization.

oracle apps 11i on linux using vmware

Today i installed oracle apps 11i on Linux using vmware. good experience – oracle 11i installation is tricky. you can do as easy as 1-2-3 or you can lost in /dev/null 🙂 basically you will find lot of tutorial in net which are not correct !! at least for RedHat enterprise Linux. Now i am going put tutorial about oracle apps installation.  Remember you need to have oracle metalink access as you require patch from oracle. “THEN” only you can install apps on rhel 4 otherwise – you can’t.

you requires 1 GB of ram 90GB of  hard disk space – RedHat enterprise Linux 3 or 4 ( 4 is better less steps to install) . SDo stay tuned for my own version of working tutorial. IT SHOUKD WORK for you not like other tutorials.