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Top most Firing IT companies in India

1) IBM — Right now this is the most firing company for IT professionals. In the last 6 months, this company has fired nearly 20% of their employees because of BG check and performance issues. This is the most insecure company from an IT professional’s point of view. They don’t have any strategic plans at HR policies regarding employee security. No appraisals (maximum 10%).
2) TCS — Previously it’s a government IT Company. Now a days TCS also have become a firing IT company. Recently they fired on 500 people. (The people below 2 years of experience) and TCS lost so many projects recently (especially British Telecom Projects).
3) Accenture — This is second top most firing company. The firing rate is around 5%. This depends upon outsourced projects; they have a unique system where Accenture development centers around the world bid for a project coming into the company. Currently Philippines centre is taking the cake and the Indian centers are in a firing mode.
4) WIPRO — Firing people with very frequent back ground checks and firing them with out even experience letters and relieving letters (will mention as terminated from services)but will promise the employees that they will retain them. After the project is over they will fire away. Will threaten of criminal cases against such employees if they oppose the move and have also filed against some.
5) Intel — Recently joined the league. Running in heavy losses, hence firing 3000 employees in the Bangalore center in a phased out manner.
6) CTS — Has a steady firing policy (checking the Educational background and previous employment and also employee performance in work). In a Recent HCL walk-in, around 50% attendees were from this company. Sadly the I-pods have not helped them.
7) CSC — Excellent package but fires folks in Background check and those on bench regularly. Recently fired 400+ employees from its subsidiary Covansys.
8) Satyam — Currently stopped firing. The Attrition rate is very high. No firing from 2005 until now when 1000 employees were fired in Hyderabad.
9) Patni —- They fired so many employees that currently they are facing understaffing and deficiency with number of employees. Very high attrition rate.
11) Keane India —- This USA based company is always involved in firing employees. Although they proudly say that they don’t have hire and fire policy. Recently they fired java and as400 professionals after which most of the employees have started to pack their bags. Employees change this company within 1 year.
So take care before accepting offers from these companies.
Secure IT companies in India
1) Microsoft — Has projects till 2050.
2) EDS — Most secure company in India. Not laid off any of its employees even during 2001. Have lots of projects in Defense and financial areas.
3) HP — Dream Company. In-house and outsourced projects.
4) Infosys — Dream Job. On a way to achieve the status of a secured, stable Govt. company.
5) AOL, Google and Yahoo – Best companies to work with, great job satisfaction as well as great salary and work environment. Rarely fires an employee. As they are internet based companies’ they offer lots of opportunities to grow.
6) HCL — A good company to be in. Called as a “retirement company.”
7) HSBC — This is the most secure company. It has never fired any employee, even when they know that the employee is showing fake experience.
8) Aricent — a communication based Software Company, has never fired any employee and gives great perks & incentives, lot of projects in kitty. Minimal level of attrition.
9) KPIT Cumminns Infosystems Limited —- This is the most secure company not known to many. It has presently acquired CG Smith, Bangalore and has lots of projects in pipe line. Acquisitions plans will continue.


IT BOOM is slowing down .. 2001 IT BOOM back ?

Dollar value decrease, is major culprit for to make IT sector sick. Even Indian IT services Gaints like TCS,WIPRO,INFOSYS announced lay outs. As usual IBM announced program “remove freshers”. Most of companies targeted developers.

I don;t know , why to take in large amount of freshers and putting them on bench mode. Later when those freshers building dreams about future – they will get pink /red what ever it is slip !!! to smash their dreams.

freshers on bench as IT compnies follows blind process