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next project is to preset Sun Solairs Os in newbie point of view

Sun Solairs operating system ( http://sun.com soon  http://oracle.com ) is the best UNIX operating systems . I would to preset some tutorials  in sequence in newbie point of view. That means from where we need to start, what you need to learn ..etc.. Hope  this project will going to help Jr system administrators.


partial win in war with oracle apps

yes – today i won partially in war with oracle apps. As you know from early post – i am trying to install oracle apps on redhat linux ws 4 – every time failing at step 1 or max 2 with different reasons. now i reached step 4 🙂 let me see  when can i install oracle apps. i will post step by step if i won in this war. many hrs of time i spent. oracle, how to install oeacle apps in linux