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first need to gather and study sparc hardware p1

Sun Solaris can run on x86 and SPARC hardware. But on most production sites it runs on costly Sparc hardware. Any way now a days Sun trying to promote Solaris 10 on x86 also. In our project first we will study about some sparc hardware laterĀ  on x86. For you who don;t have access to SPARC hardware – you can learn most of the Solaris on x86 but you going to miss – OBP ( open boot ) and other stuff. But it won;t stop you to learn them only missing part is lab.on x86 90% of Solaris you can learn which is more than enough for New or Jr system administrator.

So now i have one V440 server and few blade desktops. i hope thease are enough for our project.

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going to start open sun solaris learning project

UNIX vendor now days becomming so “open” – open sourced operating sytem, open sourced Java, open sourced SPARC … i also want to check ,take advantage and improve my knowledge. so you may see some solaris stuff in my timewasteblog soon…

what are the advantages of reliance wimax

reliacne wimax advantages

1.wireless – no problem of “wire-cut” issues 2. no wiring need in home

3.download as well as “upload” also good not like bsnl , whos upload speed for unlimited plans worest !!!

4.you can do voip

5.They never block any ports form their side, bingo – you can run your own servers – game servers, web servers, ftp servers, ..virtually anything

6.IT IS NOT OPERATING system dependent. Reliance wimax will run in any operating system with tcp/ip . yapii – no need of windows pc only. you can linux, solaris, mac ..etc