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Precompiled or prebuild rdp client for solaris

i want to access windows xp terminal services from solaris that too without root access on solaris. i found 2 solutions
which are java based rdp clients.


second one is not freeware but 30day trial. 1 st one freeware.

Both of them can be used on Solaris to access remote desktops with out root access.

How to install Terminal services for windows xp

As i mentioned my previous post i got few solutions from internet based on DLL copy or patching. All those from un trusted sources and i am unable to install on my sp2 production system. at lost i found solution to enable terminal services on windows xp professional. So here it is “xpunlimited” from Its not freeware but kind enough to provide 3 connections for free for ever – thats enough for me. So at time 3 users can access windows xp with out paying anything. Just download it from demo section of site and install it.


next silly project accessing windows xp desktop from solaris

Object is to access windows xp from solaris and install virtual pcs.

First step – How to enable terminal services in windows xp pro ? as we know terminal services are only enables in windows server products. so as usual i did google and found hacks, out of them replacing DLL file and ‘terminalpatch’ from one russian site.But i din;t install them with fear of trojen or virus. So what i did …. see for my next post where you will get amazing free solution to access winodws xp terminal service.

Step two- we have n number of rdp clients for windows and linux but what about our solaris that to for user having no root access ? See my next for solution that also freeware 🙂

freeware iso image creator for windows xp power toy

As you know windows xp having built in cd burning option but it lacks iso image creation. While doing vmware projects i thought that iso creation software will eliminate much pain by making iso images from os install cds. i checked for freeware apart from isobuster nothing found good and secured ones ( lot of adware or spyware)

At last i found free ware windows xp iso image creator  its powertoy = just right clik on your cd drive – you will option to create image  and burn cd to cd – bingo ! so try and it see- it is 100% freeware with no adware or spyware

enable ntfs read write in linux with out kernel compliation

I am Centos and fedora. I need to access windows xp partition

From CentOS, basically i am sharing one partition with FAT-32. But i would like share ntfs partition between Linux and Windows xp. I don;t want to modify / re compile my centos kernel.

so how to share windows NTFS partition with Linux without re compiling kernel ?

So upon search i got solution that is ntfs-3g. From their website

The NTFS-3G driver is an open source read/write NTFS driver for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, NetBSD, and Haiku. It provides safe and fast handling of the Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista file systems. POSIX file system operations are supported, and full file ownership and permission support is available as well.” is latest ntfs-3g

No need to compile kernel you can mount ntfs fle system with mount command or using fstab