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lanuched – but still under polishing section – more  unix stuff – more fun

Advertisements vs and are different organizations. if you register at it won;t work on 😦  today i waste moneyin assuption that i am going to use but paid to !!!!

google and you tube

i think google made some nasty mistake by purchasing ? All copyright laws against youtube ??!! i.e google. google spendind lots of money on this issues ? with that money can;t google start its own youtube with carefull review of copy right laws on uploaded content ?? i don;t know what big b thinking !!!!

Intel’s quad-core processors

Intel’s quad-core processors ready for war with AMD. is intel over serving Murphy’s law ? 

Sun open sourced java

java with more than 6 billoion lines of source code was open sourced by Sun microsystems. gaint step towards open source sega. As you know Sun already open sourced its enterprise class of Unix os – Sun solaris.