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How to sign up appgate mindterm java applet  is no 1  free solution for web based ssh client. So using this web based java ssh applet you can connect to any server  which  configured to access via ssh. But free version of appgate mindterm applet does not come as signed applet. Browsers don;t allow you to connect remote servers if applet is not properly signed.


Signing mindterm.jar for use with SUN Java VM:

- install the Java SDK from

- Create a key:
  keytool -alias keyname -genkey

- Sign mindterm.jar:
  jarsigner mindterm.jar keyname

open sun solaris and intel 945gnt board works

i tried toinstall open sun solaris on intel 945 gnt board with sata hard drive. It worked but only text only mode no graphics, may be i need to confugre for generic vga driver. sata drives are recognized by sun solaris ( you need to download latest release of open sun solaris )

project to import big large mysql dump to remote server through web

I need to move my 30 MB sql file from one server to remote server. current server don;t support remote connectivity of sql server. so exportedmysql data base file to sql format and used sqlyog to export into remote server. sqlyog workd very fastly where myswlfront took hours and hours  to import same database. give a try  sqlyog freeware

I stared 2 new projects  which will proivde detailed info/guides about SunSolaris which will provide detailed info/guides about Linux

windvr taking time whuile startup i,e delay at start

humm , i need to know why windvr taking time while starting application not onlay late buy high load on my p4 cpu , once started then after no proble, iam pixelview stero tv tuner 🙂

Cent OS Intel 945gnt with vmware works well

Intel 945GNT  board with cent os 4.3 works well , each device is auto recognized even with 945 graphics driver and Lan card. I never expect 

this going to work !!!!  oracle 10 xe ( express ) worked perfectly.  

timewaste project load test vmware server (gsx) on centos 4.3

My ohter timewaste project load test vmware server (gsx) on centos 4.3

Ok i downloaded centos 4.3 from, installed on my vmwarebox server.ok now i need to install vmware gsx server.

untar setup.tar.gz (vmware gsx) to /root folder. Now need to run / …Bingo !!! thats it it will ask series of easy question
just give default 'enter' as answer :). it will compile kernel modules for vmware as centos is not built in for vmware gsx server. ( yo can install centos with gui …. but it requires developer tools , kernel developer  rpms. Next it will ask network settings just use default settings and don;t enable NAT option while setting  virtual networks(have some security issue with GSX 3.2 ,workaround update to GSX 3.2.1)

Now from my windows Xp laptop i used to connect vmware server vis vmware server console program. Its very fast and easy to use configure virtual boxex on your vmware server.

Ok now i created 3 virtual boxes on my  vmware server 1.RHEL smaba server+oracle 10g  2.Solaris 10 intel version 3. windows xp. i stared at a time bingo i thought my vmware server will on knee but stragly it survived well.
Although Centos "TOP" command showing high usage with vmware servd deamon…..

If you  require any help about VMWARE GSX server , just mail to me or leave a comment here 🙂 iam glad you assist no need to pay any $$$ for me :))))