Monthly Archives: December 2006 best free shorturl and subdomain with ads free

Today i saw one quick short url and free subdomain redirection with out ads. seems new player and having plenty of subdomain real estate .. have a try and grabe it. is very short name is n’t it ?

Novell SUSE is infected with microsoft virus

Novell SUSE is infected with microsoft virus. Never ever use novell’s suse linux .. see

godaddy wont alow to connect outside mysql server

You have mysql server running at other host or outside godaddy netwrok and you want to access from your godaddy account .. Opps ! they won;t allow even outgoing connection to port 3306

If you are hosting your own db server then you can chnage mysql port to 80 or 443 becoz godaddy allows only port 80 and 443 to outside world. but  if you ahve with other hosting provider you can;t becoz they won’t chnage port for you.

will godaddy allow remote db connections no ! so bothides way out.. check any other host 🙂

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