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At last cancelled my reliance wimax connection

Today i cancelled my rliance wi-max connection. 2 months it worked great with minor dhcp issues. but line of sight signal system it follows and something went wrong and no proper singal .. so they only told me – sir cancel your connection — hummm.. but one thing their field engineers are worest. By seeing them no one can guess they are employees. worest thing is they don;t know anything except checking signal. i saw 5 pairs of engineers – even one pair don;t know ping command properly in windows. Actually level engineer wants them to ping gateway for 3 mins. in windows we need to give ping -t

for continuoes ping .. these guys using ping xx.xxx.xxx.xx and once it ierminates again preseeing up arrow and hitting enter..oh ! man … nonsense.

so proper signal is there in your area then only go for that.


how to share reliance wimax internet connection

how to share reliance wimax internet connection ? there are 2 ways you can do.

1. using windows xp/2000/2003 or linux

for using windows i will write small post soon mean while you can find tutorial at

1. tutorial with screenshots  

2. http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/ics_xp

2. using linux you can do with any NAT support firwall like firewall-jay.sf.net. i will write quick post soon . this post will be update on next Friday with tutorials.

Relince wimax dchp server problem

Reliance wimax dhcp server is not assigning ip address – problem is reporting some users at present avail solution is take static ip address , around 2000 per year . i know it is not solution but break fix. i hope soon they reliance will fix this issue.

reliance wimax port forwarding how to setup own servers

How to run own web / ftp / mail servers using reliance wimax  home broad band connection.

its very easy and all ports are open by default.

even i have scripts to do in minutes.  i can offer free help to setup linux/windows  pcs just  leave a comment here with your request i will send you all steps.

Reliance wimax disadvantages cons

as i explained my earlier post along with  number of advaNtages, disadvantages also there.

1.it based on signal strength of your area

2.at present limited type of plans available

3.LOGIN SYSTEM, yes you need to login before starting browseing – yak – i don;t  like this. while shutdwon you need to log off other wise you account will be locked off at server side and you need to call customer care to reset !!! this is only major disadvatages.

otherwise speed is excellent and connection is very stable.

what are the advantages of reliance wimax

reliacne wimax advantages

1.wireless – no problem of “wire-cut” issues 2. no wiring need in home

3.download as well as “upload” also good not like bsnl , whos upload speed for unlimited plans worest !!!

4.you can do voip

5.They never block any ports form their side, bingo – you can run your own servers – game servers, web servers, ftp servers, ..virtually anything

6.IT IS NOT OPERATING system dependent. Reliance wimax will run in any operating system with tcp/ip . yapii – no need of windows pc only. you can linux, solaris, mac ..etc

careful while taking reliance wimax connection

upon my study NEVER EVER take connection if signal strength is  not proper. it should min 13+ /-65 . Key will be signal strength. If singal is ok then only sign on agreement form. if it ok then no need to look back .. it rocks. if raing or storming no problem .. net won;t have any problem.