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firewall-jay deadly easy and powerful firewall for home users

http://firewall-jay.sf.net is very is to setup ( actually nothing setup all menu based )for linux. i am using for years and it works very nice.  you need to have 2 lan cards in your box.  network sharing is onle “clik” operation 🙂

so many features avail with this firewall. i can offer free support to setup this firewall . just leave comment here.

you can do port forwarding,nat,block local ips, you can graph traffic…etc………


reliance wimax port forwarding how to setup own servers

How to run own web / ftp / mail servers using reliance wimax  home broad band connection.

its very easy and all ports are open by default.

even i have scripts to do in minutes.  i can offer free help to setup linux/windows  pcs just  leave a comment here with your request i will send you all steps.