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How to verify sun certification serial number

Recently i need to verify sun solaris admin certification serial number of a perticular candidate. i used following site

sun certification verify url

But do you know hwo to retrive if one forgot sun ceritification serialnumber as well as if he don;t have physical welcome kit ! if you please leave a comment here

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most memorable day of my life – my bro got job

most memorable day of my life is today as my bro got job. i am waiting for this long time. i went so much pain for thsi achivement 🙂

Very simple way to add social bookmark network bookmarlets to blogs

Another way to add social bookmarklets is using service . Just copy paste following code at the end of every post .

<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button BEGIN -->
<a href="" title="Bookmark using any bookmark manager!" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="AddThis Social Bookmark Button" border="0" height="16" width="125" /></a>
<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button END -->

OR YOU Can use following bash script 1. save it , chmod 755 blogurl “blogtitle” (must be in quotes) will generate code , paste it in your blog thats it !!!!!


echo "<a href=\";url=$1&amp;title=$2\" title="Bookmark this post using any social bookmarking manager of your choice\!">\
<img src="" alt="AddThis social bookmarking image button" />


best nas file system for next silly unix project

My next silly project is NAS . I am searching $0 cost NAS software. what will be the best nas file system ? UFS or ext3 ? i am trying 2 opensource Nas things 1.freenas 2.openfiler. you have any recommendations about free nas products please leave comment here. Basically i would like to implement NAs for hetrogenious envirment. so all user files would be on NAS.
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i want to learn german Language

i want to learn german. why ? simple – they are highly technical skilled persons and there technology written in german only. so if i want learn from them or their sites you should learn german language. if you know any websites where i can learn german please leave a comment here.
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What is lightscribe technology in dvd and cd writers

what is light scribe technology ? Today i am going to purchase dvd writer one of my pal suggested to take dvd with light scribe enabled… what is it ?
you print labels on dvds with help of your dvd/cd writer by laser. so insert your dvd in dvd writer,design your label ! Bingo — burn it on your dvd surface. no need to papaer lable or labeling kit … good … i need to check it by purchasing on it. Remember you requires lightscribe enabled dvd media also. Normal dvd media won;t work.