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oracle apps 11i on linux using vmware

Today i installed oracle apps 11i on Linux using vmware. good experience – oracle 11i installation is tricky. you can do as easy as 1-2-3 or you can lost in /dev/null 🙂 basically you will find lot of tutorial in net which are not correct !! at least for RedHat enterprise Linux. Now i am going put tutorial about oracle apps installation.  Remember you need to have oracle metalink access as you require patch from oracle. “THEN” only you can install apps on rhel 4 otherwise – you can’t.

you requires 1 GB of ram 90GB of  hard disk space – RedHat enterprise Linux 3 or 4 ( 4 is better less steps to install) . SDo stay tuned for my own version of working tutorial. IT SHOUKD WORK for you not like other tutorials.


i am able to install oracle 11i apps on linux after 10 hrs of time waste

At last i won the race i am able to install oracle apps – 11i  on redhat enrprise linux ws – 4 . i tried many links about installation but failed. now i got the steps by own experience and  10 hrs of time waste. i will post tutorial in my next post. if you need any help to install oracle apps ( 11i ) on linux just leave comment here i am glad to help you for free 🙂

so how to install oracle apps – 11i on linux – stay tuned for next post

I am in war to install oracle apps 11i on windows xp / 2003

i am doing war to install oracle apps on windows xp and 2003. its killing me. at last after many how-tos from internet. i reached 1/5 at last it thrown error …. gone of 4 hrs of time.