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mehashares vs rapidshare now i am trying this online file storage system, i tried also. so some of points in vs or rapidshare vs megashares allows you to upload 10GB file at a time but http://rapidshare 100 MB. But rapidshare is more famous than megashares. you can leave your comment if you like rapidshare.As far as now i am trying customer care functionality.  But one thing speed good for megashares in asia as well as USA. megashares works good for paid users than free users.


yahoo mail error : Error Code 5

yahomail error code : error code 5 is eating mtime today i tried many times by re login but no use – always showing error code 5 ? what it is ? how to fix yahoo error code 5 ?

list of online file sharing sites

source :

2 GB:

1,5 GB:

1 GB:

700 MB:

500 MB:

300 MB:

250 MB:

200 MB:

100 MB:

70 MB:

60 MB:

static ip vs dynamic ip for broadband internet connection

static ip vs dynamic ip for broadband internet connection – which one is better i am pulling out my hair. i want to take static becoz it is easy to connect ( offcourse you can do for dynamic ip by using like services. ) recenlty i want to host some webpages from my own home computer i heard that google never ranks for websites hosted on dynamic ips is that trure?

Dynamic ip means some what security while browseing underground sites and if some one bans restart your modem/router you will back untill unless banned complete domain based on reverse domain.

how to share reliance wimax internet connection

how to share reliance wimax internet connection ? there are 2 ways you can do.

1. using windows xp/2000/2003 or linux

for using windows i will write small post soon mean while you can find tutorial at

1. tutorial with screenshots  


2. using linux you can do with any NAT support firwall like i will write quick post soon . this post will be update on next Friday with tutorials.

Relince wimax dchp server problem

Reliance wimax dhcp server is not assigning ip address – problem is reporting some users at present avail solution is take static ip address , around 2000 per year . i know it is not solution but break fix. i hope soon they reliance will fix this issue.

How to transfer .in domain to other registrar

i have some .in domains and now i want to transfer them other registrar but i am unable to find any clue how to transfer .in domain to other registrar ? any of you have idea how to transfer them?

.com,.net,org,.us is easy to transfer  but not like these .cltlds 😦 please leave your comment if you know how to transfer