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My Review on megashares.com $25 6months offer

Now a days i am in search of good on line file sharing portal. I tried rapidshare paid account – it is good and only problem is 100 MB per file upload but i need to upload GBs of data. if i split GBs of data to 100s then its very hard to keep files. So next i saw megashares offer $25 for 6 months unlimited upload/download Ya!!! you are correct, 6 months promo offer is excellent. you can try this at http://megashares.com

at megashares you can upload 10GB at time. so file size of 10GB you can upload at a time. No need to download any client software all from your browser only. They are using java based file upload applet.


Don;t  purchase this service . They are dleleting files even with out informing you that too ligal text files. There FTP service is not working since months and they have no ETA when it going fix. Customer support is worest and they repsond after 7-8 days or never.

I prefer rapidshare.com  – i am trying past 6 months – excellent service and customer care.