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working intel sata drivers for virtaulbox guest windows xp sp2

So basically my question is – how to install windows xp sp2 guest in virtual box with sata disk ? here is the solution.

Got working sata drivers for windows xp guest os on virtualbox . I am trying to install windows xp sp2 guest on my virtual box host. From internet I learnt that using virtualbox virtaul sata support – can reduce load on host pc.

So I enabled sata controller and and attached virtual hard disk to it. Problem started as windows xp sp2 failed to accept sata disk( I know sp3 will support or we can make xp iso with sata drivers built in but i want to install sp2 only) .

So from intel site downloaded intel matrix raid drivers and made img file as I mentioned in my previous post using win image.

Ok , attached virtual floppy to virtual floppy disk to my windows xp sp2 guest and started installation. using f6 key I am able to instruct xp to load sata drivers. BUT still xp sp2 guest failing to accept my sata disk.

upon constant digging i got solution ..i got some hint from google as virtualbox supports perticular version of intel sata drivers. At last I am able to install …how i did .. will be in next post.

Update: you can download working sata drivers floppy image from below link



How to create floppy image file .img files

You can convert files and folders to floppy image format, .img file using winimage software.

Iso files, repsents cd/dvd images in the same way .img files represents floppy disc image.

These floppy image files are very use full in virtualware world. Suppose you want to install third part disk drivers or device drivers
at the time os install and you host pc don’t have floppy drive. Simply create img file using winimage software and connect virtual floopy drive to virtual pc.

Recently while I am installing virtualbox with xp as guest. I want to install sata drivers for that i need to insert sata drivers floppy while installing by pressing f6 key. There is no floppy disk avaialble on my hosy pc. So i made .img using winimage and mounted using virtualbox as virtual floppy


Sun Solaris 310-203 solaris 10 upgrade exam latest dumps

Sun Solaris 310-203 latest dumps for solaris 9 to solaris 10 upgrade. While I am writing Solaris 9 sun certified administrator exam , I am even not aware what dumps are ! we used to prepare test server, do all commands and used to study bill book which is equal to Solaris bible. Later my Juniors showed me how dumps are working for them to finish sun Solaris exam. Amazing – just prepare 200-300 questios thats it .. you done !!! Bad ..Worest … My honest suggestion never follow this way.

In this way obtaining certificates without subject knowledge never helps to pass Solaris interview. I would like to share recent incident, me and my friend ( who trusted in dumps ) wrote Solaris 310-203 upgrade exam ( Solarsi 9 to Solaris 10 ).

As usual i prepared bill books and virtual box based test x86 Solaris 10 system on my laptop to brush up commands.

I passed on but my friend .. lost because no questions from dumps ( he prepared past 3 years dumps+ paid $80 to some exam pass sure website for latest dumps ) I argue don;t trust those sites as now SUn using some new method to overcome this dump issues.

Never encourage brain dump culture, be honest Sure it will help you in future.

Here is link to books mentioned above :


Why China mobile phones are cheap

WHy china mobile phones are cheap ? I saw many guys using China phones with excellent features compare to price. Big touch screen,multi sim,mp4,mp3,video,still camera,TV, multiple batteries some time free addon memory cards?
With 1/4 cost of normal branded mobiles- China phones offering these many features.
Why branded mobiles not able to offer these many features? million $$$ question for me.
One of friend said China phones are not quality products but i saw many of my friends using them for all most year without any issues?
If you know anything about these china phone secret of it low price – please leave comment here.

Solaris cdrom Can’t read disk label. Can’t open disk label package fix

Recently i tried to install latest Solaris SPARC build using DVD written by nero on my laptop.. Bingo !!! no use  – boot cdrom command always showed

Can’t read disk label. Can’t open disk label package . Did all kind of troubleshooting and wasted 4 DVDS. Later i used  alcohol 120% – thats it worked.

So burn your Sparc  ISO image on your x86 laptop/system using alcohol 120% burning software. It will work.

Sun Volume manager svm tutorial or how to

Searching for Solaris volume manager – SVM tutorials and howtos. Strangely I am not getting enough data from google on this topic . I thought there should be enough links in google result. SO i am updating links related to Solaris Volume Manager in this post In case if you have any good links, please leave comment on this post with link.

1. Solaris Volume Manager SVM SUN guide

2. Solaris Volum manager how to / SVM how /SVM tutorial with example

3.Solaris Volume Manager (SVM) soft-partitions