Airtel beetel 220BX1 adsl2 modem port forwarding how to

Airtel is the best dsl connection provider but it has one drawback – less area coverage. ok i got new airtel connection. beetel 220BX1 is the modem given by them. When i used last time – i optin for zyxel router. So port forwarding and DMZ is easy to setup. With same confidence opened modem admin interface.. Bingo ! shocking no where advanced configuration menu.Before calling customer care – i checked with our dearest friend 🙂 google.Then i got solution you need to go , there you can various advanced options. Thanks to google and person who shared this info


13 responses to “Airtel beetel 220BX1 adsl2 modem port forwarding how to

  1. hey there how r u?
    hey i just bhought a beetel modem ,and i need to enter to configure it…but… the page doesn’t open…so can u tell me what to do?
    just type in

  2. First configure your pc network card ip address to . ane make sure that that you can ping from your pc. Now from your browser you can access

  3. i want to reeset my modem how can i cinfiger it

  4. Hi Amit,

    For Beetel 220BX1 you just need to keep holding down the reset button (by inserting pointed object in a small hole at the back of the modem).
    Ensure you keep it pressed for 30 seconds by watch …. otherwise it would do a soft reset.

  5. Somehow the port i forward from that site keeps on resetting on its own
    I bet those bastards at Airtel keep on doing that

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  6. Hey thanks a lot :P…………….

    thts a really valauable piece of info ….i cdnt get to advanced configuration bcoz such silly little thing……..

    THanks a ton dude………..

  7. hey wen i tried to access the site its asking for sum id and password.. wat am i supposed to b doing?

  8. could be id=>admin and password=>password

  9. Default username is admin and password is password.

  10. username: admin
    password: password

  11. hey its simple d user is “admin” n d password is “password”

  12. yaar…when i press my reset button … link light goes…….wht i hve to do….do i have to press that button i on connection connected????

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