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static ip vs dynamic ip for broadband internet connection

static ip vs dynamic ip for broadband internet connection – which one is better i am pulling out my hair. i want to take static becoz it is easy to connect ( offcourse you can do for dynamic ip by using no-ip.com like services. ) recenlty i want to host some webpages from my own home computer i heard that google never ranks for websites hosted on dynamic ips is that trure?

Dynamic ip means some what security while browseing underground sites and if some one bans restart your modem/router you will back untill unless banned complete domain based on reverse domain.


Relince wimax dchp server problem

Reliance wimax dhcp server is not assigning ip address – problem is reporting some users at present avail solution is take static ip address , around 2000 per year . i know it is not solution but break fix. i hope soon they reliance will fix this issue.