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Two morw domains migrated from yahoo paid mail to google apps

Today i moved 2 more domains from yahoo paid mail service to google apps. google is more powerful than yahoo in terms of controlling spam and it is costs you $0 with webmail/chat/imap/pop/forward features.if you want stillmore you can go with google apps paid version.If you have your domain – then my suggestion is to move your domainĀ  mail service fromĀ  you local isp/hosting provider to google apps, its free and works like anything. if you have any comments please …update here.


next silly project is to move all of domain to google apps

next silly project is to move all of domains to google apps to enjoy google mail services. i discontinued yahoo mail plus services as posted.i am doing test ride for google apps past 1 year man – that rocks. google spam filter system is more powerful than yahoo!’s. at present 1/2 of doamins moved to google apps. need to backup yahoo mails and cancel yahoo account. if you have any comments about google apps then please leave comment here so that i will know.

Today i dscontinued yahoo mail plus services

After 1 year of usage to day i discontinued yahoo mail plus services. At starting it is very attractive but now it lost its charm i think. yahoo is failing controling spam for even paid customers. Even SPAM which is detecting by spam assisian is not detecting by yahoo. so i moved to google apps from yahoo paid services. Google is best than yahoo in filtering out spam. gmail offering pop,mail forward .. like features for FREE were yahoo charging for $20 and more …
even if you want to have your mail address with your own domainname you need to pay $10 and virtually you need to hand over your domain dns managment to them. you can’t edit / add any records … but google nothing like that just point your MX record to gmail provided records that it . you on.
so yahoo mail plus vs google apps which one goes – google apps only. ( if you compre mail only part also )