Bill Gates ‘s Daughter – Microsoft’s daughter – Guess her name

Guess – who is she ? – Guess Guess …. Dream for any Windows – engineer – ok , hint also  given.  ok as usual windows engineers requires  Ctrl+ALT+Delete –  so here is the button – She is Bill gates ‘s daughter . ok – now guess whats her name is — i don;t know if you know just comment here.

billgate’s daughter - good looking right ?


125 responses to “Bill Gates ‘s Daughter – Microsoft’s daughter – Guess her name

  1. Jennifer Katharine, b 1996. Would have had it sooner but had to restart. Where do I collect prize money?

  2. Cash prize on way – in wire – problem at windows server – waiting to come out $$$ 🙂

  3. rt… this is not Bill Gates’ daughter.. apparently she was born in 1996, which would make her 12 yrs old 😛 and the picture is not of a 12 year old girl.. 😀

  4. Jennifer Katharine Gates, born in 1996

  5. WHO……………………………………………CARES !

  6. iam not jokining she is Jennifer Katharine Gates, born in 1996, daughter of the great Bill Gates

  7. Jennifer Katharine Gates!!!!!!!!!

  8. Are you people joking???
    i think you are going to be mad….
    i dont think so,jeniffer katherin born in 1996. so she must be 12 years young only and look the pic,the girl looks like a minimum of 19 years old. so this is unbelievable !!!

  9. Whatever you guys says she is hot ……….. Maaaal…. bhi maal…

  10. Name is Katherine Gates born in 1996. That means she is 12 years old. And this photo is not Bill Gates’ daughter.

    Honestly the girl in photo is fabulous and against her beauty hardly anything matters.

  11. This is a picture of an actress guys. If she is a daughter of Bill Gates, then probably she’s illegitimate.

  12. thats not Bill’ gates daughter. She was born in 1996. And this girl is picture is engaged or married, look at the size of that stone!!!! I think she is Rachael Leigh Cook.

  13. So who is she really because then we can hopefully got more pics of this girl who is creating an internet storm and she gets her notoriety in the people searching for her pics. In the end she might just pose for Maxim and that makes more fun.

  14. thats Rachel Leigh Cook!!!!

  15. I dont think it is a girl below 15 years. She appears to be around 20 years

  16. Good angelica for bringing end to this time-wasting debate.

  17. Hi baby

  18. NI Yabba yem Piece undi ra

  19. rose (i wish to marry)angle face

    i want to say i wish from god to marry one like this girl which makes my life with another way

  20. she is Rachel leigh cook an american actress, aged her romantic comedy “she’s all that”

  21. Check out this for more details com/name/ nm0000337/

  22. Pretty….

  23. preety gal whether she is daughter of Mr. BIll Gate

  24. plz snd me ur latest pics i l;ike u

  25. Wow, The brilliant mind in the world Bill Gates the Grate, invented cute statue for the young generation.

  26. hey fools she is not daughter of gate….gate is an ugly can a beauty come out of is impossible…..

  27. Really, She is very beautiful and lucky……..

  28. if only i am bachelor today i will spend my whole time with this pretty lady whoever she is, and i do really meant it.

  29. this is the right girl for me, think.

  30. How does it matter ??She is Cute Anyways!!!

  31. hey guys don’t be fooled.. she is Rachel leigh cook an american actress, aged 27,
    thats not Bill’ gates daughter

  32. whoever she’s but sanjay likes her alot

  33. Hey dudes shez jayma mays not jenifer or Rachel leigh…dont waste time dreaming about some one who is not…..????

  34. checkout jayma mays in epic movie, bar starz, blind dating…..???

  35. Dear Friends,
    She Looks like a No.1 software.I think very soft nature.She is looks like pearl…
    One look enough for me. My life will be changed…..

    Thanks & Regards,
    TTSL IDM Team
    Tata Consultancy Services

  36. she is nice.. i think she is bill gates daughter.. really superb.. cute girl to soft ware world.. and to cts…

  37. I think this is bill gates daughter 😉

  38. she is sexiest n cute gal. superb

  39. She is soo hot babe……….

  40. Her Name is: Microsoft Windows gates………

  41. How Lucky is her husband!!!!!!!!!

  42. this is not BILL GATES daughter she is hollywood actress “RACHEL LEIGH COOK”

    who ever sent this BLUNDER those guys dont have ne knowledge.. GAON wallas..

    every bdy saying here “BILL GATES DAUGHTER”? I LIKE HER..

    Bill gates daughter is a school going girl.. how can she look kike this.. ZARA APNA DIMAG LAGAO..

    bye dudes..
    itz SAMAD signing off..

  43. She is my lover, so dont try 2 know her name she is mine

  44. she’s very cute..

    but not HOT…

  45. bilal and wajih

    i have no idea who she is and who is bill gates daugter but,if there is one ,ill find her and marry her indeed.
    bilal and wajih for USB4

  46. Her name is Jennifer Catherine Gates. Very Cute !

  47. Hey Guys,

    She is not Jennifer Gates Nor Rachel Leigh cook…. She is my Babe… so no more comments…. Yo Yo………….

  48. Hey Guys,

    She is not Jennifer Gates Nor Rachel Leigh cook…. She is my Babe… so no more comments…. Yo Yo………….

  49. This isnt bill gates daughter, she’s an actress. her name’s racheal leigh cook. she’s been in a couple of movies including ‘josie and the pussie cats’ and ‘she’s all that’. n btw shes 29 years old!

  50. she’s very beauty whole of the word……………god Luke

  51. alyson stoner……hollywood actress…

  52. you guys are sucks ,she’s not Bill gates baby could you believe girl with age 12 years have chest like this if she realy his daughter i’ll cut my peins as challenge

  53. nishant kumar

    Name is Katherine Gates born in 1996. That means she is 12 years old. And this photo is not Bill Gates’ daughter.

    Honestly the girl in photo is fabulous and against her beauty hardly anything matters.

  54. Whatever! Yall r stupid she is too old 2 be 12yrs. old!That is not bill gates daughter.

  55. Pls someone send me her pictures

  56. oey chussaarooo kameeeno lantio ye bachi ma le jaoon ga .
    saray dekhtay rehna phir.dafa ho jao lantio

  57. i think this girl is paul allen daugher..

  58. i cannot expert! who is she? but onething
    one universal
    one sun
    one earth
    one world
    one bill gates
    one jennifer katherine gates
    wow really superb.

  59. i have no idea about, who s she?
    but one thing she is looking very cute…..

  60. joking title, but she is really hoooooooot


    ya ..I search many web sites
    all shows this is Bill Gates ’s Daughter

  62. sanjay singh pukhrambam jiri manipur

    ya she is bill gates daughter….she looks cute but she is not born in 96 thats for sure…

    u know guys if i get a moment to stay with her for a minutes.. …wht shall i do..i would say a sentence in my own language…..”nungi nakhomdo yamna chouyiye…ei nungbu mathu amukta najage..aduga nungi nathu du amukta chupchage..” if she ask me whts the meaning of that…i would say u looks too cute…

  63. Whatever you guys says she is hot ……n looking dam sweett

    i love bill gates daughter

  64. Who is this girl??? You all must be very curious of the above statement and some of you might be familiar with this photo recently. I had received a lot of email claiming that the girl in the photo is Bill Gates’s Daughter. After that, I had actually do some research and surfing online to find out the truth. Hah hah!! the truth is …. the actual name of this girl is Allison Stoner. She has no relation to Bill Gates.

    the girl in the photo her named is : Alyson Stoner

  65. Shez….awesome i hope shez not 12yrs …..but her looks are really disturbing me…..i mean wat u i say

  66. today century blunder to say that she is the bill gate daughter ….i knew her and even i met her accidenly in one place .

  67. Guys She’s an actress………..Rachael Leigh Cook…

  68. She is Alyson Stoner

  69. hey guys the how posted this is making u all fools she is not billgates daugther she is hollywood acctress Rachael Leigh Cook.
    find her pic in google.she is already f_ _kEd by many in movies why u all guys do the same again try for some fresh stuff guys.

  70. toooooooooo cute

  71. She’s definitly Rachel Leigh Cook, just check the internet guys 🙂

  72. whether she is Mr. Gates’ daughter or not, she is a very pretty girl, i suppose, so please no comments….


  74. The lady in the pictures is not Bill Gate’s daughter. (Of course every straight guy on this planet would desire her)

    Bill Gates has 3 children.
    Jennifer Katherine gates (born in 1996) – she is 12 yrs old
    Rory John Gates (born in 1999) – 9 years old
    Phoebe Adele Gates (born in 2002) – 6 years old.

    Do you really think she is a 12 year old or a 6 year old? If not then she is not Bill Gate’s legitimate daughter. 😛

    Ok here’s the truth. I don’t know how many of you have seen some really old TV sitcoms like Dawson’s creek. The lady in the picture is an American actress(28 yrs old) Rachael Leigh Cook (born in 1979). Her really big hit was ‘She’s all that!’. She has also acted in ‘Josie and the pussy cats’

  75. Another name of beauty.She is abolutely Fabulus.

  76. who said that she is a bill’s daughter…..
    think about it……
    she is a T.v Actress her name is Rachel leigh cook…..
    ok peoples please dont waste your precious time on this sexiest photo..

  77. She is very very luck girl

  78. Jennifer Katherine

  79. Bill Gates Daughter’s name is Jennifer Katherine

  80. i am crazy for this girl

  81. hey sweety can we marry


  83. wuih,,beautiful girllll !!!!

  84. Hey guys chill out she is not gates’ daughter she is hollywood actress Rachael Leigh Cook…..

  85. Hi This is not Bill gates daughter, she is not 12 yrs old, she is Hollywood actress Rachael Leigh Cook——-She is gorgeous, looking beautiful.

  86. She is extremely beautiful and HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT………

  87. kuch karo yaar…. mera to dil aa gaya is par…. chahe iska sir name Gates ho ya Panwar

    mujhe to ye chahiye …… Kya Rates he iske…..

  88. she is looking awesome

  89. Jennifer Katharine Gates, born in 1996

  90. plz can u send me your mail address.plz plz plz plz plz .

  91. i’d like u very very much baba

  92. I never seen like u girl

  93. will talk with me.if u talk with i’ll do everything for u sweety

  94. I am ready to marry either bill gates dauther or not

  95. I dont have words to say about her, she is cute and lovely ,

  96. watever d name was!!
    hw goegeous she is!!!!

  97. arey yaar i want her pic in another dress…….

  98. she is sooo sexyy…
    she is William Jeniffer Katherine Gates!!!
    i guess i am right???

  99. hi………aubowan

  100. tum sab ki ma ki CHUTT !!! Gand mein dande lelo…………. house 2099 sector 15 c Chandigarh……………. Tumhari aukad hai ???

  101. she is my spouse……

  102. i dont know who is she but i can say god has taken his own time in manufacturing such elegant beauty..

  103. there is nothing in name, but she is damn beautifull & hot,

  104. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr girllllllllllllllll

  105. Phoebe Adelle Gates

  106. She is not Bill Gates’ daughter. She is Rachel Leigh Cook. A Hollywood Actress! 😦 I just can’t beleive you people don’t know her! She’s one of my most favourite girls!

  107. i will hack her hard drive. if you know what i mean.

  108. jennifer katharine name of billgates daughter
    this is naresh from INDIA from andhra pradesh state from hyderabad
    she is very beautiful
    i want her
    i need her
    she fantastic

  109. ok heres one of the many problmes i see in this picter of “bill Gateses” daughter SHE IS WEREING AND ENGAGMENT/WEEDING RING U IDIOTS AND 12-13 YEAR OLDS DONT GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks for listening

  110. fuck u all… stop dreaming bout somthing ull never get … and do some serious stuff…

  111. First of all, Gates’ eldest daughter Jennifer Katharine Gates is not quite 12 years old yet (born in 1996). (Note: see bottom of this Taiwan MSFT page, interestingly the US site has no such info.) And according to this blogger, the charming lady in the above photo is the actress Alyson Stoner.

    Thanks god 12 years old didnt looks like this so I am not P.

  112. whatever she is, I like her only this much

  113. wow brilliant and mind blowing

  114. She is propose iam marring plz call +919393722721 in india my language is TELUGU.. My email

  115. guys she is not Bill Gates daughter, she is Rachael Leigh Cook coz i know her from my child hood. for further details contact +44 7075209884 United Kingdom.

  116. dam gurl u think u so smart u iz not bill gates kis ah your drity asz lyin n u want to fight my daddy iz chris brown

  117. oh…. whatever! u guys please stop debate. the girl is mine. hahaha.. im already imagining having a romantic date with her in a place where only she and i know. she is so cute~~~ =)

  118. Jennifer is her name!!!!!!!!!

  119. that is not a 12 year old girl

  120. That may not be jennifer gates, bu that is not rachel leigh cook… Doesnt even look like her…

  121. No body should comment her…Bcoz she s mine…

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