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How to run jnlp files in linux

How to run jnlp files in linux or while browsing internet sites? Plugin for jnlp for firefox or mozilla in linux ? well here is the solution.

1.Install jdk from

2.try to open java web start file ( jnlp ) from browser and when browser prompt – open with – direct to always open with <jdk installfolder>/bin/javaws

Bingo – thats it — it worked in fedora with out any problem.

If you have other method – please leave comment here.



Mysql now SUN Mysql – Mysql purchased by SUn

Sun Microsystems purchased mysql – part of world famous LAMP technology. Sun invested billion $$$ on Mysql so now you can develop Mysql based application as now we have more support from UNIX Gaint. Excellent !! SUN – Thanks to Jonathan – CEO of Sun Microsystems.

Last days for netscape navigator browser – going to die

Netscape navigator – famous browser on its final days. AOL to retire netscape navigator on feb 1 – 2008.

Netscape – once upon a time famous browser which was lost its fame by 1998 due to Blue icon IE.

I used a lot netscape in work and school. farewel to best friend…. Please leave comment if you want to say anything
about this.

Two morw domains migrated from yahoo paid mail to google apps

Today i moved 2 more domains from yahoo paid mail service to google apps. google is more powerful than yahoo in terms of controlling spam and it is costs you $0 with webmail/chat/imap/pop/forward features.if you want stillmore you can go with google apps paid version.If you have your domain – then my suggestion is to move your domain  mail service from  you local isp/hosting provider to google apps, its free and works like anything. if you have any comments please …update here.