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partial win in war with oracle apps

yes – today i won partially in war with oracle apps. As you know from early post – i am trying to install oracle apps on redhat linux ws 4 – every time failing at step 1 or max 2 with different reasons. now i reached step 4 🙂 let me see  when can i install oracle apps. i will post step by step if i won in this war. many hrs of time i spent. oracle, how to install oeacle apps in linux


firewall-jay deadly easy and powerful firewall for home users

http://firewall-jay.sf.net is very is to setup ( actually nothing setup all menu based )for linux. i am using for years and it works very nice.  you need to have 2 lan cards in your box.  network sharing is onle “clik” operation 🙂

so many features avail with this firewall. i can offer free support to setup this firewall . just leave comment here.

you can do port forwarding,nat,block local ips, you can graph traffic…etc………

what are the advantages of reliance wimax

reliacne wimax advantages

1.wireless – no problem of “wire-cut” issues 2. no wiring need in home

3.download as well as “upload” also good not like bsnl , whos upload speed for unlimited plans worest !!!

4.you can do voip

5.They never block any ports form their side, bingo – you can run your own servers – game servers, web servers, ftp servers, ..virtually anything

6.IT IS NOT OPERATING system dependent. Reliance wimax will run in any operating system with tcp/ip . yapii – no need of windows pc only. you can linux, solaris, mac ..etc