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How to create floppy image file .img files

You can convert files and folders to floppy image format, .img file using winimage software.

Iso files, repsents cd/dvd images in the same way .img files represents floppy disc image.

These floppy image files are very use full in virtualware world. Suppose you want to install third part disk drivers or device drivers
at the time os install and you host pc don’t have floppy drive. Simply create img file using winimage software and connect virtual floopy drive to virtual pc.

Recently while I am installing virtualbox with xp as guest. I want to install sata drivers for that i need to insert sata drivers floppy while installing by pressing f6 key. There is no floppy disk avaialble on my hosy pc. So i made .img using winimage and mounted using virtualbox as virtual floppy