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My next project – explore usenet

what is Usenet ? Explore Usenet – this is my next silly project. Until now highly depend upon Google search  for past 4 years. Many of old  senior  UNIX  administrators and  system experts told me that usenet will provide extensive knowledge. But until now i din;t get chance to follow those knowledge rich newsgroups.

Now I got chance and funds to study about newsgroups and Usenet.  So started self study along with my pal google and Wikipedia. I am surprised that still Usenet  newsgroup are leading source providers  in this search engine dominating world.

Here are some questions first I need to answer.

1.What is Usenet ?

2.What is newsgroup ?

3.how to access Usenet or how to access newsgroup ?

4.How much  it costs or free ?

5.software requirements

6.Rules and regulation 🙂

I will update details related to above questions in my up comming posts. So stay tuned.