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working intel sata drivers for virtaulbox guest windows xp sp2

So basically my question is – how to install windows xp sp2 guest in virtual box with sata disk ? here is the solution.

Got working sata drivers for windows xp guest os on virtualbox . I am trying to install windows xp sp2 guest on my virtual box host. From internet I learnt that using virtualbox virtaul sata support – can reduce load on host pc.

So I enabled sata controller and and attached virtual hard disk to it. Problem started as windows xp sp2 failed to accept sata disk( I know sp3 will support or we can make xp iso with sata drivers built in but i want to install sp2 only) .

So from intel site downloaded intel matrix raid drivers and made img file as I mentioned in my previous post using win image.

Ok , attached virtual floppy to virtual floppy disk to my windows xp sp2 guest and started installation. using f6 key I am able to instruct xp to load sata drivers. BUT still xp sp2 guest failing to accept my sata disk.

upon constant digging i got solution ..i got some hint from google as virtualbox supports perticular version of intel sata drivers. At last I am able to install …how i did .. will be in next post.

Update: you can download working sata drivers floppy image from below link