Sun Solaris 310-203 solaris 10 upgrade exam latest dumps

Sun Solaris 310-203 latest dumps for solaris 9 to solaris 10 upgrade. While I am writing Solaris 9 sun certified administrator exam , I am even not aware what dumps are ! we used to prepare test server, do all commands and used to study bill book which is equal to Solaris bible. Later my Juniors showed me how dumps are working for them to finish sun Solaris exam. Amazing – just prepare 200-300 questios thats it .. you done !!! Bad ..Worest … My honest suggestion never follow this way.

In this way obtaining certificates without subject knowledge never helps to pass Solaris interview. I would like to share recent incident, me and my friend ( who trusted in dumps ) wrote Solaris 310-203 upgrade exam ( Solarsi 9 to Solaris 10 ).

As usual i prepared bill books and virtual box based test x86 Solaris 10 system on my laptop to brush up commands.

I passed on but my friend .. lost because no questions from dumps ( he prepared past 3 years dumps+ paid $80 to some exam pass sure website for latest dumps ) I argue don;t trust those sites as now SUn using some new method to overcome this dump issues.

Never encourage brain dump culture, be honest Sure it will help you in future.

Here is link to books mentioned above :



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  1. Well in that case my suggestion to your blog readers is please consult for right training instructors. I am sure you could find one here.

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