how to convert your normal web hosting account to free online backup server

How to convert your normal web hosting account to online backup service. As shown on this blog :)) –  free online backup service.

Suppose you have a web hosting account with ftp access ( now a days its common trend – gifting web hosting account  on  birth day 🙂 in my place ) and you want to purchase online backup service also to keep you docs/files online for extra safety then you can read on this post to save some $$… So how you can  use you normal web hosting account as online backup service also without purchasing any service/software. I will show you here …

with an example. Mr smartguy having a normal web hosting account with some xyz ISP/web hosting provider and Mr smartguy uses his laptop with Windows. Now he is having one folder named “myimpfiles” where he stores imp docs or any files. Now he wants to backup  that folder online that too automatically.  so when ever he adds file to that folder or any modifications he made should reflect on his server. Such a basic service he don;t want to spend single $ he started  searching google and found one free – adfree – software called fling from

Fling  transfers files from local system to remote server automatically using ftp. you can see fling vs normal ftp at

Key features are :

Detect file changes and upload automatically           –
Schedule automatic scans and uploads

So  fellow smartyGuy – give a try to fling… any questions leave a comment on this post- i will help you out . In this way you can convert your ftp account to backup service also. In Unix samething can be done cron job but i am not sure how to achive ” Detect file changes and upload automatically” feature ??


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