Lets resume my resume my journey again


So i am back to blog here after many months . Experienced  Chilling turns in my life in this non blog time persiod. Some of those turn in my personal and technical life un expected not even dreamed about them. Not only mine evenout side world conditions also changed like any thing !!!ok, now i need to sharp my technical as well as soft skills . Why ? becoz current job market is like that 🙂

Mean while i am starting usi Solaris. Sun Solaris is very different animal comparing to linux . need to gather more inof and perfom many lab sessions


One response to “Lets resume my resume my journey again

  1. Hi,

    Google led me to your post “reliance wimax port forwarding how to setup own servers”

    I’m using relaince at home & need to forward port…

    some details that I can provide are :

    routerPower Dsine 3001
    single PC (laptop)
    M using Microsoft Vista (Don’t know a thing about firewalls)
    DHCP (Relaince is asking for Rs. 2000/- for a static ip)
    My location is Mumbai

    I shall be gratful if you could help me open/forward ports 2 enable faster downloads on utorrent.

    Please help.


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