7 responses to “Rapidshare disadvantages for normal user – rapidshare review

  1. no way I pay for downloading files, there are lots of free file upload pages, I wonder why everyone has to put their files on a crappy site like rapidshare

  2. Rapidshare is amazing. How uses it for uploading. I can dl a movie in 15 mins.

  3. Just a quick note on Ripshare or Rapidshait which ever you prefer

    Joined THAT SITE as a premium subscriger> Initially I was led to believe UNLIMITED DOWNLOADS>>I can understand having to limit to a certain degree OK>>So Im making due with 25 Gigs per 5 day period>>Im a fiend and although I reached my limit per day I felt for the $ it was well worth it>>Renewed my acct 3 times and grabbed another acct with Rippedshare points>>Satisfied customer right So Far>>Found New forum ,good links
    and all Rippershait>>Yay!! So Im downloading and Im not running out of out of available resources (And Im downloading with 2 downloaders and the Mozilla file downloader) WTF? I look and I see they have increased download restriction to 50Gigs per 5 days>This is great!!!

    Downloading as usual get about 10% of my scheduled downloads and I get the message I have reached my download limit???????

    OF 4 Yes FOUR Gigs per day!!!!
    Now really pissed and fired off an email to THAT SITE Im not expecting to hear back from them but I will never ever due business with those people again
    They make money off the hard work of their subscribers posting The people that rip cds and post The people that submit movie links>>THE SHARERS>>These are the people that spend their time gathering torrent files and uploading files These are the people that should benefit

    I for one will only post on Mediafire check it out I recommend this service above all others and believe me Ive tried them all

    People stop posting=nothing to download= Bye Bye Rapidshare



  4. Today i just found out that my rapidshare premium account cant upload more files. and its only 6.4 GB Storage!!! not even 10 GB. (Tried several times log off and reupload)

    and what makes me more PISS, I email the RS support asking why i cant upload more with my PReMIUM ACCOUNT. and they emailed me back the information step by step how to upload and download!! they talking like i am a retarded person who doesnt know anything

  5. Rapidshare.com is nothing but a scam. For example, I created an account with them and paid through PayPal account. Now my account was good until the 8th of April of this month. I got home around 8:00pm USA Eastern Time on the 7th day of April and got a message from my friend who returned back from a trip in London and that he had uploaded some movies of his trip to Rapidshare.
    I decided to login to my Rapidshare account when I notice the message stating this account expired on the 8th of April WHAT!
    I was so mad that I emailed them and told them that it is not fair for users who live in another part of the world to be scammed out of their time. I also said because they are 6hrs ahead of my time that I automatically lose 6hrs, which to me is not 100 percent service but a way to rip-off customers that live in another part of the world.
    I also told them that since their services is located in Germany; Germany users do not get ripped off of their time. They replied by saying, they are not located in Germany, but Switzerland and that there is nothing wrong with their service LOL!
    I traced their Domain name NOT the IP, which are two different things, and it reported Germany, however their internet service provider is located in Netherlands.
    I just want to say for those that live in other countries, beware that Rapidshare.com is a rip-off and that you will not get the full service that you expect.

  6. quit wasting ur time with rapidcrabs.com and get dropbox 2 gb free. 50gb with Dropbox Pro for $9.99/month $99 a year. Also windows live gives u 10gb free. To be honest i own my own cheepo server i think it cost me $44 in parts ( my friends give me free hardware) but i put ubuntu server and ProFTP on it. its a pain in the rectum but so worth the trouble. over 1000gb of free space

  7. rapidshare user

    I’ve got ripped off by rapidshare. they said they gave 5000mb per day and unlimited parallel downloads and no speed limits. I put in my download manager 10 files of 100mb to download and each one with 5 threads (parallel downloads). I finished only one, the others were f**ked about half way and when I checked the reason was that I reached the daily quota! I tried to call this guy, but that is a phony phone number as there is no way to reach them by phone. After many, many attempts I had to give up and emailed them explaining the situation. They reply with a template email explaining me how it works. I reply back pointing to my problem. They reply back saying that my email will be forwarded to a department that deal with this kind of problems. No response from this supposed department. I opened a dispute with paypal (not claim) and they closed my account! They said they did not get the payment by paypal which is as you guess a lie as I have the invoice and everything. I have no other option than to rise the dispute to claim to get my money back. I paid for 90 days and never get to use it. It seems that if you pay for an account with them you better shut the fk up or else you got ripped off. Fk rapidshare.

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