Another silly project with phpbb3 and linux

i want to convert my phpbb2 based forum to phpbb3. My forums is with 50 thousand user base. i was applied few MODS inlcuding famous attachment mode. It will allow your forum members to upload files to posts.

ok as per doc – following are the steps we need to perform.

1.install fresh phpbb3 in another location ( another folder other than where ever your old board installation there

2.start install process by calling http://newphpbb3folder/install/ it performs installation it will give you 2 options 1. convert any exisating board 2. go live with new install

3.need to select 1 option and it will ask your source board path and db details. great news is it never touch / modify you old forum files/database and it just copies requires files and tables.

4.conversion is cpu intensive way. some what it fails on shared hosting account where restrictions on php. worked for and it allows me to use my own php.ini. Folowing you can see my php.ini which worked for conversion.

memory_limit=16M is compatible with phpbb3. After conversion phpbb3 is automatically converted my attchment mod to phpbb3. fantastic !!! now my phpbb site is up working fine.


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