Rapidshare new problem for paid members

Rapidshare new problem  for paid members

suppose you are a paid user for rapidshare.com and you uploaded data 30 GB …. one fineday you will see only 20 GB data. because rapidshare will delete more than 20 GB and nobody access your data 😦

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4 responses to “Rapidshare new problem for paid members

  1. yes 20GB only …from their site

    our uploaded files will be deleted if your account is deleted. However, there is a storage limit of 20 GB ( bytes) for premium accounts. In case you exceed this amount for longer than 48 hours, your account will automatically be converted to a Storage XXL account. Files being not downloaded longer than 90 days will then automatically be deleted. “””

    very bad….

  2. On Oct 23, 2008. Rapidshare decided to reduce it 10gb/day (which you could carry-over) to 80gb/mth or 2.7gb/day

    This 80-gig limit will apply to all existing account as well. I discovered this when I renewed/extended my “existing account”, even though in their news section the posted, “Existing Accounts are not affected, aside that due to the change of 10 Gigabyte maximum accumulated traffic, no download volume can be transferred from one day to another.”

    I was willing to accept the 10-gig limitation a day and hence renewed my account. But reducing the service level by 75% to 2.7-gigs and charging the same price is really unreasonable. I complained to Rapidshare about this and here what they said:


    From: RapidShare AG – Support Team


    Unfortunately as soon as you extend an existing account, the new traffic regulation will be added to the account.

    Kindly note that you are always able to add additional download traffic to your premium account if you need more traffic volume. Please click on the link “TrafficShare” in your premium zone to see the possibilities.

    As soon as your daily traffic limit is being reached it will automatically use the traffic share. You can see how much traffic share you have in your premium zone using the link “overview of the account”.

    Best regards,

    Support Team

    RapidShare AG
    Gewerbestrasse 6
    6330 Cham


    We ALL need to start complaining and move our business elsewhere if Rapidshare is dropping their service by 75% for the same cost.

    Here’s the client services e-mail:


    RapidShare AG
    Gewerbestrasse 6
    6330 Cham

    Tel: +41 41 748 78 80
    Fax: +41 41 748 78 99

    In the meantime, I’m back on USENET!

  3. megaupload is better then? i don’t think there’s any download limit by megaupload “yet”.

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