vmware 2.0 beta 1 is useless and very slow

vmware server 2.0 beta 1  – free version is nightmare and i used it with in 30 mins i rolled back to old stable version.
vmware 2.0 beta dead slow – confusing menus -woret performer even on my 1 gb ram system with only 128 mb linux pc – i faced so many troubles. so avoid vmware 2.0 beta now.


2 responses to “vmware 2.0 beta 1 is useless and very slow

  1. im sure this is ’cause it has all the debug information included. beta versions of vmware server 1.x had this ‘feature’, which wasn’t taken out until the release candidates

  2. Ok, so andy since you are all gung ho about issuing stupid cliche IT statements about the heavy nature of debugging information….

    Its not just the slowness (which believe me on my quad core 6 gigs of ram 64-bit monster is still felt [which actually pissed me off pretty bad] ) its the overall change in how they approach things.

    The web interface (woohoo for web2.0 croonies everywhere) is cool, i’ll give them that and for users on a network all vying for the connection to the virtual host mama dolling out little nuggets of virtual machines (ie your classic enterprise environment) its a-ok, but for john q consultant who just wants to fire up a virtual and finds out he has to pop a browser -> login -> click through the cludgy interface -> start his machine -> launch a pop up -> pray -> wait -> slit his wrists -> get reincarnated as a new up and coming junior consultant -> step over corpse -> log into vm guest OS.

    To me it just seems they forgot the audience they were trying to reach with this “free” product. That being said, who can complain, they want to get free testing from the cheap bastards out there using their “free” product much in the way Fedora is for RHEL. I say, good for them, but at the same time f them.

    Oh and by the way i have removed that horrible blight on mankind from my rig. I’ll probably go running back to my old tried and true (only reason i upgraded was for a stupid virtual that wasn’t supported).

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