reliance wimax strange problem no upload bandwidth zero upload bandwidth

Past 5 days i am facing problem with reliance wimax connection. dwonload speed is excellent but upload speed is zero 😦 so full of download bandwidth but zero upload means NO INTERNET 😦 😦 customer care saying that there “seems” to be issue at server side and working to fix it asap but no ETA … hummm


12 responses to “reliance wimax strange problem no upload bandwidth zero upload bandwidth

  1. Same in my case too.. shows download speed as 1500 kbps and fails with upload test.

    Traffic b/w my machine and the Modem (Which is embedded in the Telsima Antenna) is very good.

    There is one more issue, I am not able to visit any page that requires SSL.

  2. I am also facing the same problem since a week. Can you please tell me how you were able to fix the problem.

  3. Kuldeep,

    First contact custome rcare – i think technical team need to fix it … But in my case they failed … seems its problem with your near by tower from where you getting signal.

    I heard that some ppl able to back on track after some fix from reliance side. so first log case with customercare and follow it up.

    if they failed in 48 hrs – means its time for you to move away from reliance like me.

  4. I’m also facing the same problem. .. any body it fixed? Please reply. .

  5. I am facing this problem with RELIANCE WIMAX since 45 days and tech team is yet to find out. worked out all trial and errors but yet to get this sorted out.

    Anyone can help

  6. I face the same issue as well at Koramangala,Bangalore. I am unable to login to Gmail,Orkut,Hotmail etc. and neither does Reliance webmail ( work. Downloads are reasonably good though way too low than what they claim as mine is upposed to be a 2Mbps connection.Any ideas?Thanks

  7. Hehe….welcome to the world of Reliance Customer Care. I first got this problem on the 17th of last month. Called customer care and they logged a call and closed it saying it was resolved. Wasn’t. Then raised a new call, they closed it again saying that “incorrect information”. I took a customer care manager for a ride for an hour just eating his brain. Atleast I felt better. Now, raised a 3rd call and still problem persists. Calling twice everyday now, just so that they won’t close the ticket. No hope!.

  8. Same with us .. wimax 300KB both connections have same issue .. no uploads … More than 7 days … It’s after Anil and Mukesh were reported in forbs … heheheh…. I stopped calling customer care because they don’t care …
    Hope this will be resolved as soon as possible ..
    Best of luck guys … keep posted …

  9. I am happy I found other people with the same issue that I have had since my new cable connection was hooked up. Exact same issues, no secure sites, can’t ftp, speedtests show no upload results. So frustrating!

    I am not with the same provider. I with a whole seller for a large cable company here.
    Both the techs at my company and the source company have ran tests. The main company came by read modem stats and changed some cables out side. Then they checked the main line and said they saw no issue there. I can connect this laptop to any connection anywhere but here.

    Did anyone of you find a solution, get any idea what is up with this?
    Any help would be great thanks and hope you all found a way to fix it!


  10. Same problem here in J P Nagar, Bangalore. No upload speed. Hence upload of attachment to mails & sending them is a pain. Reliance Customer Care really sucks any ways. They are the WORST EVER customer care people I have ever faced. Let me get a chance & I will move out of this service.

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