5 responses to “How to add social network bookmarks to every post in worpdress.com blogs

  1. The source of the code is my friend Adam Freetly AKA sunburntkamel at archfx.net

  2. i never posts other’s stuff without mentioning “source” same this i
    did with this post also .

    i clearly posted with heading “source” and link to your friend url.
    Even i added a comment mentioning your friend’s link. But strange you
    din;t read post completely or may be overlook. Today again enabled
    hyperlink and removed more tag also also .

    could you please cheack again and update me your feedback

  3. well, the pingback just came through. at this point it looks alright to me, although i can’t speak for what TT saw.

    i do wish that it had been as easy to post code on wp.com when I wrote this, as it is now 😉

  4. Hi there,

    If you want Social Bookmarks on your WordPress.com blog, why bother with the text editor? Try GetSocial: It’s a free & automated tool, made especially for WordPress.com, which puts designed Social Bookmarking buttons on your WordPress.com blog posts.

    It can also fix your AddThis.com button (currently, the AddThis.com button in this post does not link to your post/blog!)

    GetSocial is free, fast, friendly and easy to use.
    Here’s where to get it (and read more about it):


    Hillel 🙂

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