1 terabyte storage for $200 for pc from segate

we saw the CPU wave from 386 to multi cores now another thing joined to this wave that is storage. Did your think that home pc will have 1 terabyte of storage? At my time i started 1 GB harddisk. That is great at that time. I am some what special among my friends as i have “HARDDISK” that to 1 GB…… Next is 4 GB next 10 GB …. 20 ….40 GB… 80 GB…… From 80 GB onwards Harddisks got boom and now it reached 1 TB in very short span of time. Remember i am talking about Home user base. Not only IDE….many varients like sata,pata,usb….etc……. even my pc having 600Gb space.

Once upon a time very huge servers have to that much space….cheap storage,powerful cheap cpu power and more multimedia productions and dvd cumps 🙂 so what about video copyrights :)))))) most power ful video compressing algorithems are in market to utilize these cheap powers to produce very compact file sizes … where you can share small files very fastly. so guys use this power for ligal purpose !!!


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