Today i dscontinued yahoo mail plus services

After 1 year of usage to day i discontinued yahoo mail plus services. At starting it is very attractive but now it lost its charm i think. yahoo is failing controling spam for even paid customers. Even SPAM which is detecting by spam assisian is not detecting by yahoo. so i moved to google apps from yahoo paid services. Google is best than yahoo in filtering out spam. gmail offering pop,mail forward .. like features for FREE were yahoo charging for $20 and more …
even if you want to have your mail address with your own domainname you need to pay $10 and virtually you need to hand over your domain dns managment to them. you can’t edit / add any records … but google nothing like that just point your MX record to gmail provided records that it . you on.
so yahoo mail plus vs google apps which one goes – google apps only. ( if you compre mail only part also )


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