perfect free all video in one video converter is super

Few days back i face situation where i need to burn out rmvb files to dvd as movies. so i i used my pal as usual for help – google 🙂 bingo my pal dumped many many results for video converters ..hours of time i tried man ! all junk softwares – some are working but i need to give so many confiuration values .. very hard for users like me .. some are very restrictive type of converters like avi and mpeg only. Some are very high priced …

some are providing very nasty qulaity. so i am pulling my hair …. then i saw one converter called SUPER ok by seeing free – i din;t trust it but as a last chnage i tried .. man !!! Excellent software … even highly priced software also unable to work like this free one. Amazingly it is 100% adfree,spyware free….. quickly i converted my rmvbs to mped-2 and burn them using nero vision.

Quality is excellt and tones of customizations you can do. so free video converter – super is great.


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