reliance wimax port forwarding how to setup own servers

How to run own web / ftp / mail servers using reliance wimax  home broad band connection.

its very easy and all ports are open by default.

even i have scripts to do in minutes.  i can offer free help to setup linux/windows  pcs just  leave a comment here with your request i will send you all steps.


21 responses to “reliance wimax port forwarding how to setup own servers

  1. Hi, nice research you’ve got going on on Reliance WiMax!
    Dude, I think that by default all the ports are blocked on it. So, can you help me regarding opening ports and enabling forwarding fo bittorrent downloading and P2P use.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Thanks,

    I need to know some details about your system/net work setup

    1.Operating system you are running
    2.Single pc or networked pc
    3.static ip or DHCP

  3. There are 2 PCs I connect, one is Windows XP and the other is Vista, but only one at a time, so, no network.

    Also, DHCP server is

    The way I found out that port forwarding wasn’t working, was because uTorrent tested whether port forwarding was working, and it wasn’t.

  4. ok – may i know which firewall you using ?

    Did u disable windows xp built in firewall ? or did you open port for torrent ?

    are you using any router ?

  5. Well, no, the Windows Firewall is switched off completely and I have even tried providing an exception to the port used by the bittorrent client.
    Also, there is no router. The antenna’s CAT5 cable is coming straight to my laptop(s).

  6. ports hould be open becoz we both on same ip address range both 124.125.227.XXX we both in few hosts away so iam able to do meaqns you also ……
    ok seems little bit troubleshooting required.

    1. your area ? bangalore or not ( no need to say from where you are – just say you belongs to bangalore or not )

    2.first install one webserver ( you can free from – 1mb size ) and unzip and start webserver ( need to clik on (green background x image)

    4.then in system try you will green color icon means webserver up. try – it will show welcome to xitami page goto

    7.on that page below clik “proceed” button next page at bottom you will see menu in squre shape -click on “common ports”

    9.system will probe you system from remote server for known open ports – it will show port 80 is open

    that means your pots are open – if not we need to check more …..

  7. Hi its nice read your research.I just took a wimax connection today from Reliance.My idea was to connect my Vonage Voip Router to that and make US calls.

    I was using the same in my old Airtel connection and now it’s not possible with this.

    Reliance call centre offers me a solution by changing to 2Mbps plan with 4 gb limit and then it will allow sharing the connection with router..

    Can you help me on this.

  8. hi dude, please help me out with setting ip addresses in Reliance Wi-max i’ll be very much thankful to u..

  9. Hey there! I’m looking to figure out if I can enable port forwarding on my wi max connection. I’m in mumbai. I have a Power Dsine 3001 router/switch provided by the company. I can’t seem to find any way to change the port forwarding settings in there, when I access the router’s admin console in

    Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am even prepared to buy a new router/switch, if need be.

  10. hi
    i have a vsnl-tataindicom wimax connection in bangalore.
    switch power Dsine
    single pc running both windows XP and sidux (linux)

    i use p2p and torrents alot… and my ratio is going down coz i cant seed.
    i did tcp/ip port scan and all the ports are closed.

    i called up the customer care and they said that all the ports should be open by default.
    they said i should have a static ip for doin that… true. but i always get the same ip
    and ive done a manual setting for that permanent ip… as explained on

    i want to open these ports. please help.

  11. Hi,dude i have the same problem as taurius1 can you help me please?

  12. Hi,
    I reside in bangalore. I use Windows XP. I hav PowerDsine 3001 Router/Switch. I dono how to forward port…. Can u help me please…..

  13. I got a reliance wimax powerdsine 3001 connection which has a cat 5 cable
    i tried many things but couldnt connect d-link 2640t

    HELP ME!!!

  14. I ran the test at

    says : There is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that a port (or even any computer) exists at this IP address!

  15. Hi,
    I have a Tata Indicom Wimax connection. I did not find the manufacturer’s identity on the router but I believe the usual one supplied is Power Dsine. Anyway, I have a static i.p and most of the common ports are open (as checked at
    Now, what I want to do is to forward all internet calls to my linux machine where I have a small personal website. BTW, I use a linksys wireless router, so I can share the internet connection. I have already put in the details for port forwarding in both the routers (ISP and wireless). However, whenever I type in my domain name (which is linked to my i.p), the webpage takes me to the ISP router config page – even after forwarding port 80 requests.
    Please take a look at
    Would appreciate if you could help, or share ideas!

  16. Hello friends………………
    I just want to inform u all of u that Reliance Wimax or Tata Wimax never provide any Router or Switch. it works on different technology. Actual Router is being placed somewhere else at there end. And that is being connected thru BTS(Mobile Tower) and these things are connected wirelessly to ur roof TOP antenna. And Ur Antenna is Connected with a small pencil Box Like device( Power design 3001 ) thru CAT5 Cable. This device its just to Power up YOUR antenna to get signal from BTS. And this Powerdesign 3001 is connected with ur system thru LAN cable (RJ45)

  17. so dont get confused……….its not a ADSL technology like AIRTEL OR MTNL/BSNL////
    and all the ports are by default open

  18. check ur ports are open or not from this link
    (enter ur port no.^ here) then enter

  19. can any one help me in making port forwading in” Reliance’s telsima wimax ” , i need it because of my pc game “counter strike”…….. , i hav plan of 400kb..

    plz help me …

  20. can you offer free help how to setup linux/windows

    reliance wimax port forwarding how to setup I have a Power Dsine 3001 router/switch provided by the company.i am is in Pune (deccan Area)

    please email me to

    • Hi Naren,
      For reliance wi-max no need to setup any port forwarding becoz all ports are open. If you are using windows Xp then you need to modify your firewall ( in case if you – using in built firewall or any third party firewall that’s it ! )

      So add a comment here with full problem details.

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