Reliance wimax disadvantages cons

as i explained my earlier post along with  number of advaNtages, disadvantages also there. based on signal strength of your area present limited type of plans available

3.LOGIN SYSTEM, yes you need to login before starting browseing – yak – i don;t  like this. while shutdwon you need to log off other wise you account will be locked off at server side and you need to call customer care to reset !!! this is only major disadvatages.

otherwise speed is excellent and connection is very stable.


7 responses to “Reliance wimax disadvantages cons

  1. Yeah.. I agree with you. The Login system is totally irritating. I just got myself a wimax connection only to realize, that I won’t be able to setup a home network, or have multiple systems simultaneously access the net. Would you have any idea on how to have multiple computers access the network with one connection ( over a wireless router or something. ).

    I’d really appreciate any help in this regard.

  2. Sure, there is no such restriction .. infact iam sharing my wimax with 3 pcs ( 2 pc + 1 lap top)

    you can share using linux or windows

    1. if you are using windows xp/2000/2003 you can do by internet sharing which is built in xp – you should have 2 network cards in your system.

    2.linux you can use iptables.

    for step by step i will post tutorial in next post

  3. Cool. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to this post. 🙂

    btw.. i’m trying a couple of things on my end. I’ll update this if I’m successful.

  4. Nothing is resolved and Reliance is pathetic, they are putting up with their trend (seen in Reliance Mobile).

    Their very design has many flaws, DHCP (a never ending story), ip conflicts, packet drops, average speed, auto disconnection, windows based(fu**ing unreliable) servers

    Max attainable speed is never more than 50% of the plan (if you go with upto 2 mbps plans). I gaurantee nobody can ever show (any time of the day) a speed of more than 1 mpbs or a little more in reliance plans where they say upto 2 mbps.

    Try BSNL it will always be more than 2 mbps even if they say upto 2 mbps

    I am sure its just the choice of those who have no other option.

    Trust me, BSNL inspite of being governemt’s is far more reliable and works twice as fast as any wimax connection.

    Wimax will never be there when you urgently need internet or atleast you can’t be sure it is there and how long it will be there.

    The customer care is just sitting their to fool around people and listen to our abuses.

    The only thing they do well and in time is disconnect the service asap after due date, because most of the customers don’t pay, coz theservice is not OK.

    If you have an option like AIRTEL or BSNL in your area never ever go with reliance.

    Summarising its just for those who seldom use net and who have no other option (like BSNL and AIRTEL). Never go for it if you intend to work using the connection, it will never be there when you need it. Morever they will never be able to fix the problems nor even for 1 year or so to come.

    Don’t trust me ? Try it out yourself.

  5. Hi I am using tata wimax. How can i share the connection with other computers in my home?
    I have laptop and desktop with one Etherent and wireless card.

    otherwise how can i configure it with wireless router?

  6. salil shekharan

    The Saga of lies….

    Reliance info comm foray into the Wimax (Wifi Internet provider) came with lots of promises and today even after 3 yrs it stands as a bag full of lies.

    The scenario which i am portraying is not in terms of money but covers greater issue an issue of trusting the company which deals with not only internet but also trades in stock – market , power sector investments and various segments such as food etc which touches customers life and their trust in the organization.We trust them with our life when we consume their food product,we trust them with our belief when we hear information from them and we trust them with our life and future when we invest our life savings with them…

    But question arises here… is our trust one sided only… are they misusing our trust for small profits … is their policy itself based on lies ,mislead and cheating customers from step to step no matter how small or how low the organization stoops to have its share of profit by scraping and slicing the trust and the hard earned money of the costumer.Well this organization certainly does that… its not story of mine but millions other who have been cheated and today may be this blog makes the world hear and see the truth.

    Day 1 : A call from reliance info comm telling immediate installation of equipment on payment of installation charges: 500 bucks.I paid it and to my surprise 10 days had passed before installation finally took place.
    Day 11: The system was setup and the net connection was finally completed.
    Day 12: Oops… No Net Connectivity : Call to costumer care to put a complaint
    came with a pleasant surprise :Sorry your details are not updated.But they promised to rectify it within 24 hrs.
    Day 13: I placed another call to the call center… *** Why am i mentioning the calls to call center ? Answer : I am paying for each callcharges@per minute from my pocket and i finally get to hear a voice only after auto-voice response has been processed. ***
    Day 14:Same as above : only difference i called 4 times.
    Day 15 …. Day ….Day 18…. Till day… ( I think the promised 24 hrs of the first call was never fulfilled.)

    Now the cherry top to the story :

    Even after so many days the excuse given to me is: Sorry sir,your details have not been updated on out system.

    Well if a organization cannot update a simple request details of where he has installed his system ,how can we expect them to handle our money,how can we trust them with our life cause here every time they were deceiving me… lying to me … with no sense of responsibility and utter ignorance towards the needs and care of customer… The reason : Customer already paid 500 bucks … he has to pay his monthly committed bill amount … and worst the ignorance he’s just one customer from a large customer pool… why care for one customer.

    Nothing would be an apt than my story as a classic satire
    and its quiet a comic relief if you read about the way they talk about “Dreams” on their website :

    I am not writing this letter as a complaint about Reliance Infocomm , Reliance Communications India.
    But pose a question to the Investors who invest in this company in stock market, individuals who consume their food products, people who trust their information network and all the people who are related to Reliance Communications India, putting their trust ,hopes ,aspirations and dreams…
    The Question is : Can you really trust them? Are they worth it… Because amongst all this …
    you and i are finally one amongst their large customer pool…?

    Think is there any other organization available… if you have already placed your trust just re-eval your options available because an organization that deceives one customer would not hesitate for others and especially if the stakes a higher… and stock profits are better.

    Place : Bangalore.
    Date : 1st July 2008
    – Salil Shekharan

  7. hi my name is siddharth…just wanted to know how many pepole could use the wimax connection simultaniously.i stay in a flat sharing it with 5 other can all the others also use the connection using wifi while i m surfin too???eagerly waitin for ur reply

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