Reliance wimax connection review experience

Reliance wimax in banagalore – my review on reliance wimax broadband. First of thanks for big move. No wires , nothing … as long as Relinace mobile towers are operational you are on ( no problem of power cut 🙂 )  wimax in simple terms wireless internet.  Reliance will fix receiver on your home , connects other ends your pc. so above details may solve question what is reliance wi max connection ?

so i will explain my review / experience  in comming osts  posts. so stay tuned .. you can leave coments here if you require any help.


12 responses to “Reliance wimax connection review experience

  1. I have WiMax at home.Most of the times Im unable to connect to network.Calling customer care is of no use.They just try to avoid by asking for ur alternate number and telling that the technician will call you and resolve the issue.Every time u call, u get a new complaint ID, but no resolutions.

  2. did tech guy called back at least once ? what he did tell you ? How many days back you called them ? in general by complete power off ( including system and converter ) it will work. But this should not be frequent problem may 2-3 time per month.

  3. hi guys,
    I am from Bangalore. I took the wimax connection from reliance. The service is pathetic.
    Please don’t go with the Reliance Wimax connection.
    There DHCP server will be down some twice or thrice in a week (I have experienced it). Apart from this, there is some serious problem with their instrument (indoor). If you call their customer care, they will give you a call report number. There after you keep on calling them. Every time they will say the same thing, “We will look into the matter”.
    I am tasting the same thing for last 4 days and no action has been taken.
    So guys, I will advice every body “NOT TO GO WITH RELIANCE ” .

  4. Hi Naveen,
    Thanks for your info. Could you please post more details about “indoor” unit problem so that others know about that ?

  5. Very very pathetic customer care. Their billing is also not proper. I am getting lot of Connection problem as well as bill problems.

  6. I took a wimax connection today and i was shocked after seeing their log in and and log out funda……….wht’s the use in having a connection dial up with login and log out…

    How we will use our Wireless routers?????? in wimax..

  7. Hi,

    I also took a Wimax connection about 3 months back. I was on the 750/4GB plan. After about three days, I realized that I was surely going to cross the limit of 4 GB. So I called the customer service and was informed that I could change my plan and be saved. And then starts the nightmare, two days after I upgraded (Rs.1499/7.5 GB) the connection became more unstable than Karnataka government.

    I kept getting the DHCP error and those stupid customer service guys had no freaking idea of what was happening and kept giving me some stupid commands that I know will not work.

    So technically I was down for more than 3 days a week. Then came nightmare number two, the bill. The bill was for about Rs.1950, and all my usage added up to less than 6 GB and I was on a 7.5 GB download plan. So I asked them to rework my bill, which they refused, and when I said that I technically had more than 1.5 GB still left. They said that is not there problem, is it not. If I had the connection working, I would have surely made use of it or even if I had exceeded the limit I would have paid for it. But paying for service that you cannot use is just bullshit.

    Whenever the connection was working the speed was awesome, but alas, it hardly works.

    Reliance needs to fire the guy who head there Wimax department, Kill the guy who runs the technical support department and castrate the guy who handles billing, then might be they will improve.


    Have a look at it to get to know what the collection of woes from different users of Reliance Wi Max Connection.

    An awesome technology, but an equally pathetic technical people make it a poor one.

    Isit it?

  9. Hi ,

    I’m looking for a broadband conection for work from home purpose.I’ll require a minimum speed of 512KBPS and will use it for minimum 10 hrs a day .Can anyone suggest any good deals .

  10. salil shekharan

    The Saga of lies….

    Reliance info comm foray into the Wimax (Wifi Internet provider) came with lots of promises

    and today even after 3 yrs it stands as a bag full of lies.

    The scenario which i am portraying is not in terms of money but covers greater issue an

    issue of trusting the company which deals with not only internet but also trades in stock –

    market , power sector investments and various segments such as food etc which touches

    customers life and their trust in the organization.We trust them with our life when we

    consume their food product,we trust them with our belief when we hear information from them

    and we trust them with our life and future when we invest our life savings with them…

    But question arises here… is our trust one sided only… are they misusing our trust for

    small profits … is their policy itself based on lies ,mislead and cheating customers from

    step to step no matter how small or how low the organization stoops to have its share of

    profit by scraping and slicing the trust and the hard earned money of the costumer.Well this

    organization certainly does that… its not story of mine but millions other who have been

    cheated and today may be this blog makes the world hear and see the truth.

    Day 1 : A call from reliance info comm telling immediate installation of equipment on

    payment of installation charges: 500 bucks.I paid it and to my surprise 10 days had passed

    before installation finally took place.
    Day 11: The system was setup and the net connection was finally completed.
    Day 12: Oops… No Net Connectivity : Call to costumer care to put a complaint
    came with a pleasant surprise :Sorry your details are not updated.But they promised to

    rectify it within 24 hrs.
    Day 13: I placed another call to the call center… *** Why am i mentioning the calls to

    call center ? Answer : I am paying for each callcharges@per minute from my pocket and i

    finally get to hear a voice only after auto-voice response has been processed. ***
    Day 14:Same as above : only difference i called 4 times.
    Day 15 …. Day ….Day 18…. Till day… ( I think the promised 24 hrs of the first call

    was never fulfilled.)

    Now the cherry top to the story :

    Even after so many days the excuse given to me is: Sorry sir,your details have not been

    updated on out system.

    Well if a organization cannot update a simple request details of where he has installed his

    system ,how can we expect them to handle our money,how can we trust them with our life cause

    here every time they were deceiving me… lying to me … with no sense of responsibility

    and utter ignorance towards the needs and care of customer… The reason : Customer already

    paid 500 bucks … he has to pay his monthly committed bill amount … and worst the

    ignorance he’s just one customer from a large customer pool… why care for one customer.

    Nothing would be an apt than my story as a classic satire
    and its quiet a comic relief if you read about the way they talk about “Dreams” on their

    website :

    I am not writing this letter as a complaint about Reliance Infocomm , Reliance

    Communications India.
    But pose a question to the Investors who invest in this company in stock market, individuals

    who consume their food products, people who trust their information network and all the

    people who are related to Reliance Communications India, putting their trust ,hopes

    ,aspirations and dreams…
    The Question is : Can you really trust them? Are they worth it… Because amongst all this

    you and i are finally one amongst their large customer pool…?

    Think is there any other organization available… if you have already placed your trust

    just re-eval your options available because an organization that deceives one customer would

    not hesitate for others and especially if the stakes a higher… and stock profits are


    Place : Bangalore.
    Date : 1st July 2008
    – Salil Shekharan

  11. Hi all,

    I am from Vijaynagar,Bangalore.I took Reliance 400 KBPS unlimited connection for 1200/- paying 3 months advance!.

    It sucks big time.

    1)Download speed from rapidshare is less than 20k given any part of the day.

    2)Frequent discnonection is another problem

    3)Customer service? you will forget wht it is after talking to their guys.They say ‘someone from tech Dept will call you in thirty min’ and thats it!

    Reliance and Anil are big MC’s

    Dont waste your money on this.
    Apart from that,they will take you to 1990’s wrt internet connection speed.

  12. Vinod Kagalkar

    Please don’t go with Relaince WiMax .
    I have taken and its not working properly from 5 months.No service at all. They say they come and they don’t attend and play around.

    Netwrok is very very bad.One of the worst netwrok I have ever.Even Field engineers of Relaince WiMax don’t recomond the same. Connection works some time and most of the time it breaks.
    Please don’t go with Reliance WiMax.
    They cheated me.

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