Best file system for vmware server

I am thinking what would be best file system for vmware on linux? jfs,ext3 or reiserfs? any one suggest me – just add comment here with your fav file system


3 responses to “Best file system for vmware server

  1. Chistopher Newman

    I was wondering the same thing, I can tell you one thing reiser4 is absolutely heinous. Took me all night to install win2k3.


    If you find an answer or do some tests, could you give me a shout out.

  2. Hi Chistopher,

    At present i am running Cent os 4.3 with EXT-3. Vmware performence is ok. But folks saying Jfs or Xfs will add more speed ! But i need to check. As far as now iam running oracle, apache,mail servers using vmware on ext-3 file sys with out any problem.

  3. I cant say for sure, but I found when I used XFS the vmware server would seem to run a lengthy ‘sync’ operation after the virtual machine was powered off. even running sync manually would take several minutes. I have not rules out if it is the way VMWare works with XFS, but for now have gone back to ext3, as it works about as fast but without the sync on shutdown penalty.
    Lately I have been running vmware server on my windows based notebook, and am seeing similar sync on shutdown problems with NTFS, except windows is not as sensible as linux, and on shutting down the system does not think that it needs to wait for the sync operation to finish, so you can end up with a good chkdisk session on next boot, followed by the surprise of corrupted virtual machine file systems. But then again, what do I expect for running anything on a windows xp host in the first place.
    So yea, ext3 is the best i have found so far.

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