How to install firefox 1.5 on Sun solaris Sparc 10 Unix OS with out root access

Here are the steps to install firefox 1.5 on sparc (SOlaris 10) without root access requirments.
1.Down load latest Firefox from following url

2.Extract it to  you home folder. Example extract to /home/youusername/firefox

Now 80% done. Straight away you can start your browser by typing command ./firefox

But now a days most sites comming with Flash contents. So lets install flash plugin for firefox on Sparc any flash based site – like – then firefox will show you “plugin required” holder.

4.Clik to install plugin, again it will show you dialog box saying that unknown plugin, you want to install manually?

5.clik yes – then it wil point to adobe site to down load plugin. Just download and exptract flash plugin contents  to plugins folder located in your firtefox folder.

6.Restart firefox. Bingo!zingzil! your browser is ready for flash.

Ok now another common plugin java plugin.

8.assuming you already installed java jre. link with oyur browser just issue following ocmmnd
ln -s /usr/java/jre/plugin/ sparc/ns7/ ./
your installed jre path may be different !!!!

So now you have your own browser with out any restrictions that to WITHOUT ROOT access.


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