mysql only hosting with unlimited connections

unlimited mysql database connections mysql only hosting package – iam searching for this type of hosting plan. At last i got it that is offering “mysql only” hosting package. YOu can connect to your databse remotely…they provided good control panel also. One of my project require massive http and mysql connections.Shared hosting i tried dozens of sites and enquired with more than top hosting proivders but no body satisfy my project needs. ofcourse i can get deal but i have very very limited budject of $12 per month.

One of my project having phpbb site with 20,000 users and at any time 50-60 memebers will online and does mysql querys 🙂 most of hosting proiders using per hour query limit. So at last i settled with and offering cluster apache for massive connection support at nomial fee $7 per month. you will 80GB hard disk space , 1 Terabye of bandwidth, Unlimited domains , 1 lifelong free domain fantastic..but their mysql having per hour query limit that is only draw back. so solution is servage webhosting plan + database plan = Ultimate solution with $12 you will dedicated server power.

if you need any hosting suggestions you can leav comment here


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