silly-project-4-Install IPCOP as part of virtual online unix-linux lab


Ipcop is an iptables based firewall for linux and it is GNU based freeware. Now i want to implement ipcop as my firewall for my time waste project “online virtual unix-linux lab “.

typical ascii diagram as following, you can find my lab bluprint at here

here is my firewall part ascii diagram

ISP router —–IPCOP BOX —Reaming part of online unix lab

Sole purpose of this project is to build online unix/linux/windows lab so that any one can access lab from anywhere in world with internet connected device.

i will explain some more details here how it will work: First request comes to isp router – router pass all packets to IPCOP box. IPCOP have zones. Red(Internet faced NIC), Orange( DMZ NIC),Green ( local lan facing card). For more details about zone please refer published manual. now packet reaches to ipcop Red nic, ipcop applies all rules here like portforwarding etc .. at this stage.. if packet related to portforward it forwards to defind local lan server pc.

Below attached .pdf file will show you how to install step by step … Or you if know about can down vmware ready ipcop install from


ok here is my detail ( i hope so…iam poor in documentation)

procedure i did in order to rescue my online virtual unix lab using ipcop…

1.first install guest pc using vmware ( select other 2.4 kernel as pc type )

2.set disk space to 1GB ( 512 is enough…but if you want to have more log files .. you need to have disk apce…)

3.set ram as 128 … it will play very well at 64 mb also …

4. I have 3 zones Red,Green,orange all are ethernet based…

for this zone type and how to select please refer following file ipcop-howto-install

becoz this zone combination is important and chnages according to you network system. i select Red+Green+orange system, i require 3 aln cards .. so i added 3 lan cards to my guest pc

6.Now my pc is ready…

7.insert ipcop.iso in virtual cdrom of vmware and boot ipcop pc…

8.i followed step by step as mentioned at ipcop-howto-install

9.After install , it will bounce pc and BINGO@@@ ipcop is up and protecting my virtaul network…

my ipaddress details




and now iam using my windows pcs with out nasty windows default firewall 🙂

Ok my lab is ready go online… soon i will up my virtual unix lab online….

if you require any ipcop help .. just leave a comment here.i will very happy to assist you freely 🙂


One response to “silly-project-4-Install IPCOP as part of virtual online unix-linux lab

  1. Are you running the ipcop firewall under a vm?
    I’m currently trying to consolidate 2 servers. One is a file server with loads of other little extras. The other’s an ipcop box. On the file server I’m running Ubuntu. It has 2 NIC’s. I’m trying to figure out how to configure one of the NIC’s so that the host doesn’t really see it. From the IPCop box it needs to be able to get the IP from the router. On the other interface, well that’s easy. It’s bridged with eth0 for the green interface.
    Any clues?

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