How to copy files to ipcop firewall server

Yaa.. jus i want to run my dynmaic dns update script ( as i know ipcop support some dyndns providers by default but dyndns proivder is no in list :(. so i downloaded dyndns client from provider site and want to pur cron entry that it will run every 5 mins… ok…ipcop small stripped disto..even there is no wget what to do ? how to upload perl file there ? upon search i got to know that only way to copy is using scp … thank god..ok i enabled ssh from ipcop control panel ( prot is not 22 it is 222 ) and downloaded winscp to my laptop….rest asusual … crontab -e add entry as

*/5 * * * * /usr/local/sbin/

so that it can run every 5 mins:)


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