batch conversion of USA photos ….Don’t over look see the problem

My another time waste project here. Here my Pal and brother like venky came today and he wants his digital phots out of USB drive to DV.D rom. simple!!! but the problem is my windows 2003 server unable to cooperate me. After connecting drive – windows 2003 able to recognize but it is not assigning any drive letter to USB…hummm so what to do i know windows Xp works well but at present i have no chnace to install window XP on windows 2003 so i decided to run vmware ( and start windowsXp virtual mechine. ok all well went right and mapped USB of host windows 2003 to Virtual Xp. 

But data trnasfer is too slow…… At last after strugling 2 hrs to get out data of size 3 GB. Now what ?/? just opend Nero and burned all photos to DVD 🙂

Here i want to put on line these images but those are big and big…..Now i want to resize but i don;t have any image manuplation ( batch processing capable) so googled and found wonderfull free product  Visualizer Photo Resize v.5.0

Its excellent !!! and very veryy fast and even i added watermark for all my images 🙂

you know this software riocks !!! and best it is 100% free — no ads ni ninsense stuff ….


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